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General Information of Fukuoka Senior High School

School Mottos

School Mottos

School History

In 1980, the Governor of Toyama Prefecture and the Toyama Prefectural Board of Education decided to establish Fukuoka Senior High School in response to the strong wishes of the people of Fukuoka,who until then had had no senior high school in the area. In April, 1983, after 3 years of planning and construction, the first opening ceremony was held for 270 students to mark the birth of the school. Since the completion of the second gymnasium in 1988, the school has been completely equipped with the necessary educational facilities, including a school library,an audio-visual room and a seminar house (Hoyu-kan). However, due to the nation-wide low birthrate, the number of classes has recently decreased. The school now has about 400 students and 35 teachers. The whole site of the school is 51,572 m2 including the school building which measure 10,618m2.

School Outline

Since being established, this school has provided an exclusively academic education. Now that almost all of the students want to go on to university or junior college, a great effort is made to help them pass entrance examinations to institutions of higher education. Besides an emphasis on intellectual pursuits and academic excellence, the school strives to provide the students with the opportunities to develop a well-rounded personality to prepare them for later life. All the first-year students undertake the same course of instruction in which they make a basic study of the Japanese language, social studies, mathematics, science, English and other subjects. From the second year every student has to choose one of the following 3 courses. depending on his or her future major at university or college: the English course, the general course, or the science course. All of the courses are designed so each student can make the most of their ability, according to his or her interests. The school also provides the students with opportunities to engage in various forms of extra- curricular activities such as school events, homeroom activities, student government and school clubs. These activities help the students not only develop their physical strength and skills but also their independent spirit and attitude of mutual respect. In the summer of 2006, the baseball team won the championship in the Toyama prefectural tournament and went on to play in the 88th National High School Championship, called Koshi-en. Fukuoka High School's participation in Koshi-en was not only a first in the school's history, but also in the history of all high schools in Toyama that do not have vocational or technical courses.

School Features

Fukuoka Senior High School

School Vision

  1. To foster an independent spirit and establish among the students an attitude of mutual respect.
  2. To encourage the students to achieve higher intellectual standards and creativity.
  3. To build the students' character and develop their physical strength.



The following list shows the number of credits which the students can accumulate in 5 subjects before graduation.

Note: A unit of credit is defined as one class period(50 minutes)per week for the duration of the school


1 Principal, 2 Vice-principals, 1 Head -Clerk, 27 Teachers, 1 School Nurse, 1 Laboratory Assistant, 2 ALTs(1 Part-time), 6 Part-time Teachers, 2 Office Clerks(1 Part-time), 2 Janitors(1 Part-time), 4 School Doctors,1 Pharmacist, 1 Librarian(Part-time), 1 Staffroom Clerk(Part-time)

Extra curricular Activities

School Calendar


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