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Greeting from the principal

Welcome to the website of Toyama Prefectural Fukuoka High School.

   Our school was founded in April 1983 as the only prefectural high school with an English course in Toyama, in response to the high expectations of the local community. Since then, based on the school motto of “Self Control, Practice, and Creativity,” we have been working to develop young adults with rich emotions who can play an active role in the global society, with international understanding education and emotional education as the pillars.

   As a characteristic activity of the “English school”, we continue to implement small-group team teaching classes, English seminars, speech contests, etc., and also provide guidance for acquiring English-related qualifications. Moreover, about 25 students participate in a study tour to the U.K. for 18 days each year, study at a local language school while staying in a homestay, and improve their English and communication skills. Last year and the year before last, we held online international exchange with New Zealand, problem-solving training, and alternative training for British Hills online language training to prevent COVID 19 infections.

   In addition to learning, students lead a fulfilling school life through school events and club activities such as sports competitions and school festivals. In addition, in order to create a school that is trusted by the community, we cooperate with the PTA and alumni association, interact with elementary, junior high, and kindergartens, and participate in local cultural and artistic activities and volunteer activities. Through these community-based activities, we are promoting a global world view while maintaining a sense of pride and attachment to our hometown of Toyama.

   This fiscal year marks the 40th anniversary of our founding. While cherishing the traditions that our school has built up so far, our students are working hard every day so that they can acquire rich minds and new skills to reach for their  goals. We will continue to work together with all of our faculty and staff to gain the understanding and support of parents, alumni, and many other people involved in our school.

Hideko Mizukami
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